News: Award Nomination

My essay “Snowstorms and Trigger Warnings” was recently nominated for a Best of the Net award by cahoodaloodaling. This nomination really means a lot to me; the essay addresses a topic that’s very personal to me, and which has recently become germane again with the University of Chicago’s recent statement to its incoming freshmen that it does not support trigger warnings or “safe spaces.”

If you’d like to read the essay, it can be found in cahoodaloodaling’s “Trigger Warning” issue on page 6. Download the free pdf of the issue by clicking here. TW: the essay contains content potentially triggering to survivors of sexual assault.

cahoodaloodaling has always been an absolute joy to work with, and consistently supportive of my work. I highly recommend sending them your writer things, and reading their written things, as often as practicable.

Trigger Warning Cover cropped

News: Award Nomination

I am all a-bubble with excitement today! Cahoodaloodaling announced their 2015 Best of the Net nominations this morning, and my poem “Amelia Earhart Leaves her Husband” was among them!

The Best of the Net Anthology is released each spring by Sundress Publications. From their site:

This project continues to promote the diverse and growing collection of voices who are publishing their work online, a venue that continues to see less respect from such yearly anthologies as the Pushcart and Best American series. This anthology serves to bring greater respect to an innovative and continually expanding medium in the same medium in which it is published.

I’m honored to get a nod from Rachel Nix and Rhiannon Thorne at cahoodaloodaling, who have been beautifully supportive of my career (and who create wonderful art, to boot).

The finalists and winners will be announced some time in the spring of 2016.