News: Publication

The second issue of Pittsburgh Poetry Review dropped today (that’s fancy official publishing language. Or I’m confusing publishing with childbearing), and my poem “The Perpetual Artist Lays Down Her Tools” is between its pretty covers.

It is chock full of poems, including several by artists I know and admire like Donna Vorreyer, Darren C. Demaree, Sally Rosen Kindred, and Ariana D. Den Bleyker. Pick up a copy or a 2016 subscription today!

PPR Issue 2 Cover Art

News: Interview

Guys! I was interviewed by lovely poety Donna Vorreyer for her site Put Words Together. Make Meaning. She does a super fun fill-in-the-blanks interview format. I had a great time responding. And if you check it out, you’ll be rewarded with an old video of me being ridiculous and my instructions on how to not be a dick. What more could you want?!

Please give it a look, and poke around her site for the other amazing posts, too.

fill in the blanks