News: Readings in South Bend, IN on April 27

I’m doing two readings this Wednesday, April 27 in South Bend. The first is a reading for Analecta, the IU South Bend student literary journal. I have 3 poems and an art piece in this year’s journal. That reading starts at 5 pm in the IUSB library atrium; I’ll be reading my pieces from the journal, and I’ll start at around 6:20.

After that, I’m headed to The Well, a not-for-profit coffeehouse in South Bend’s River Park neighborhood (just east down Mishawaka Avenue from IUSB) for an open mic that starts at 7:30. I’ll be reading at 8:00 or so and will be reading some new work that I’m really excited about!

Both readings are free and open to the public — that’s you!


News: Publication

The second issue of Pittsburgh Poetry Review dropped today (that’s fancy official publishing language. Or I’m confusing publishing with childbearing), and my poem “The Perpetual Artist Lays Down Her Tools” is between its pretty covers.

It is chock full of poems, including several by artists I know and admire like Donna Vorreyer, Darren C. Demaree, Sally Rosen Kindred, and Ariana D. Den Bleyker. Pick up a copy or a 2016 subscription today!

PPR Issue 2 Cover Art

News: I’m an editor!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining the staff of Stirring: A Literary Collection as an Associate Poetry Editor.

Stirring is one of the oldest continually-publishing literary journals on the internet, with monthly issues dating all the way back to October 1999 (when I was still a wayward art history major at Lawrence University). It was founded by Erin Elizabeth Smith, who is a major force in the literary world (being the founder and managing editor of Sundress Publications, the Creative Director of Sundress Academy for the Arts, a talented poet, a shockingly skilled and adventurous cook, and a really fucking fantastic person. I’ll be working under managing editors Luci Brown, Andrew Koch, and Sarah Einstein. You can see the full masthead here.

Now: send us your work!!

“A Ghost in My House” by Tara Wynne, the cover image for Stirring’s Issue 18:1.


News: I guest edited the December issue of Stirring!

I’m honored and humbled to say that I was invited to guest edit for the December issue of Stirring: A Literary Collection, which went live yesterday. It was a great experience, and I got to read a wide variety of really interesting work. The team over at Stirring is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’ve always admired their journal. I think this issue turned out to be pretty lovely, so I hope you’ll give it a read!

The issue features poetry by Benjamin Balthaser, Nancy Bevilaqua, Lanette Cadle, Maggie Smith, Donna Vorreyer, and Lauren Yates, fiction by William Bradley, and nonfiction by Liz Prato.

“Medicine” by Tara Wynne



News: Publication

I’ve got six (6) (?!?) poems appearing in the summer issue of Menacing Hedge, each of which includes a reading in my dulcet voice (which has previously been praised for “the purity of its timbre,” FYI):

Repetitive Motion Injuries
Rape Poem #3
The Persistent Appeal of Synchronized Drowning
The Secret Life of a Secret Collector
Explanations for Silence
Butcher’s Goodbye

An excerpt from “Repetitive Motion Injuries”:

I have the tissue paper wrists of a child,
barely wider than the blue thread stitching
through them, just thick enough to tingle life
into these lined hands. He held them

both in one hand behind me.

Please note “Repetitive Motion Injuries” and “Rape Poem #3” may be triggering to some victims of sexual assault.

The issue also features work by Deborah Bacharach, Amber Amber Rose Edmondson, Alicia Elkort, Ruth Foley, Fox Frazier-Foley, Brenda Mann Hammack, Jennifer Hanks, Amy Elisabeth Hansen, Lissa Kiernan, Andrew Koch, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Emily Stoddard Furrow, Timothy Day, Jay Gershwin, Kat Giordano and Connie Guo. Read the whole lovely thing here.

menacing hedge
Art for Summer 2015 issue of Menacing Hedge by MANDEM