News: Reading in Griffith, Indiana

B-Story Books will be holding its second Open Mic this Sunday, November 15 from 3-5 pm Central time at Pokro Brewing in Griffith, Indiana. This time they’re featuring widely-published poet Bill Yarrow, who read at the This is Poetry Vol. II launch party last weekend and whom I really enjoyed. I’ll be reading, too. Bring something to read or play!

Here’s a poem of Bill’s that originally appeared in DIAGRAM:


Once in a fit of pique, she poured
vinegar on the anniversary roses
which withered in his seeing. In
retribution, he became incontinent.
That made her, she who misunder-
stood love, love him more, and him,
he who misunderstood marriage,
respect her less. Is there a recipe for
lasting happiness? Look, perhaps, to
applesauce. The apples of attraction.
The sugar of indulgence. The water of
conduction. Everything improves over
time. Everything in the world. Except
the consolidated body. Except the
orphan garden. Except ripe fruit.