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I’ve got six (6) (?!?) poems appearing in the summer issue of Menacing Hedge, each of which includes a reading in my dulcet voice (which has previously been praised for “the purity of its timbre,” FYI):

Repetitive Motion Injuries
Rape Poem #3
The Persistent Appeal of Synchronized Drowning
The Secret Life of a Secret Collector
Explanations for Silence
Butcher’s Goodbye

An excerpt from “Repetitive Motion Injuries”:

I have the tissue paper wrists of a child,
barely wider than the blue thread stitching
through them, just thick enough to tingle life
into these lined hands. He held them

both in one hand behind me.

Please note “Repetitive Motion Injuries” and “Rape Poem #3” may be triggering to some victims of sexual assault.

The issue also features work by Deborah Bacharach, Amber Amber Rose Edmondson, Alicia Elkort, Ruth Foley, Fox Frazier-Foley, Brenda Mann Hammack, Jennifer Hanks, Amy Elisabeth Hansen, Lissa Kiernan, Andrew Koch, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Emily Stoddard Furrow, Timothy Day, Jay Gershwin, Kat Giordano and Connie Guo. Read the whole lovely thing here.

menacing hedge
Art for Summer 2015 issue of Menacing Hedge by MANDEM

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Issue Two of the new journal Rogue Agent was released today, and includes my poem “Body Cartography.” Rogue Agent features work focused on the body. This issue also features a themed photo series titled, “I Feel Empowered When I Wear” which is full of powerful imagery. I hope you’ll take a look!

Rogue Agent Issue Two Cover Art

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I’m really honored to share my piece “Rebirth in Room 406,” which is part of the April issue of Stirring: A Literary Collection. Stirring is a long-standing and beautiful journal full of terrific work. Here’s a teaser from my poem:

When you are angular and dry, you forget
the feel of womanhood. Before you,

I reached blindly into the mouths of men to reclaim
the sense of roundness

Please give it a look! You can find the full issue here.

“Field” by Tara Wynne

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Issue 13 of scissors & spackle was released today, along with a poem of mine! This was my first official unsolicited poetry acceptance (the ones published a few weeks ago were actually accepted later), so it’s pretty exciting.

Scissors & spackle is a gorgeous, full-size print journal, and I encourage you to buy a copy. My poem is also featured on the website, though, which can be found here.

scissors and spackle
scissors & spackle