News: Award Nomination

I’m excited to announce that Whale Road Review has nominated my poem “Porcupine Denies His Vulnerabilities” for the Best New Poets anthology! A huge thanks to Founder and Editor & Chief Katie Manning and Managing Editor Ellen Huang for the nod. Here’s the poem. Please go read (and submit to!) the lovely Whale Road Review.

Porcupine Denies His Vulnerabilities

He is monogamous, but always stands quill-
length from his mate. Only the pads of his foot

are naked, his tongue, the nervous sentinel
of his eye. When she cries, he whirrs

his bristles like rainfall on the dust-
packed savanna. She forgets

their distance. She burrows while he collects
the bone-wrought scaffolding of lesser

plantigrades, builds a shrine
to what is hard.


News: Publication

My poem “Porcupine Denies His Vulnerabilities” went up at Whale Road Review today! It’s one of my favorite poems of mine. I can also tell you that, having gotten to read the proof yesterday, the whole issue is gorgeous. Give ‘er a look!

By J. Glover – self-made with a Nikon D70, CC BY-SA 2.5,